Solar Permitting Plan Review Course

An interactive, in-person course taught on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. Earn 0.6 CEUs!

The Solar Permitting Plan Review Course is an interactive, in-person course designed to provide a practical process for consistent plan review, with an emphasis on how to catch the most frequent installation errors. Taught by a national expert in solar plan review, the course will walk you through the review of a complete permit plan application. After completing this training, you will be able to evaluate a complete solar permit package to ensure it is compliant with building, fire and electrical codes relevant to your jurisdiction. This course is developed by partners that include ICC-SRCC and IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors).

Join expert Jerry Henderson at this event. He has written advisories, authored code change proposals, worked developing installation standards and permitting processes, served as a technical advisor and industry representative on codes and standards committees, and developed and delivered trainings since 1992.

A preliminary schedule is available. This class is limited to 100 people.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Quantity and spacing of array structural attachments are appropriate according to structural table and manufacturer’s installation instructions for existing roof framing members and racking.
  2. Location of the roof top array meets requirements for access pathways and fire setbacks as required in local code: International Fire Code (IFC 605.11) or NFPA 1 (section 11.12) or other local code.
  3. Attachments’ weather sealing detail is correct according to building code IRC section R909.3 and product installation instruction.
  4. AC/DC conductor size and type are correct in accordance with NEC Chapter 3, 690.7, 690.8 and 690.31.
  5. The module/rack combination achieves the required fire classification and bonding in accordance with UL 1703, UL 2703, NEC 690.43 and 690.45.
  6. Plan includes description of all marking and labeling in accordance with IFC 605.11 or NFPA 1 (section 11.12) and IRC R331.2, NEC 690.17, NEC 690.31, NEC 690.53, and NEC 690.56.
  7. The quantities of micro-inverters or AC modules per branch circuit are correct in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and NEC 690.8.
  8. All required disconnecting means types and locations are specified on plan in accordance with NEC 690.13 - 690.17 and/or utility.
  9. The existence of a rapid shutdown system (RSS) in accordance with NEC 690.12.
  10. The location and rating of the PV system over-current protective device is in accordance with NEC 690.8 and 705.12.