Underwood Signing Copies of "The Green Home"
Norfolk, Virginia, Building Official Lynn Underwood will be signing copies of his new book, "The Green Home, A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders," tomorrow from Noon-2 p.m. at the ICC Bookstore in the Hilton Lobby.

"The Green Home" is dedicated to teaching builders and homeowners alike about environmentally friendly residential construction, and explores the latest techniques, materials, processes and green practices that will reduce the environmental impact of the building itself. Coverage ranges from air-sealing measures and energy-efficient practices to water conservation and the usage of natural materials, with a special focus on complying with zoning ordinances and building codes. With thorough explanations of the many benefits of green building, this is the perfect "nuts and bolts" guide to environmentally sound homes.

Underwood has worked in the building safety profession for 25 years, holding positions of inspector, combination inspector, plan reviewer and senior plans examiner. He is president and a board member with the Virginia Building and Code Official's Association. Underwood has written five books on construction and participated in the rewriting project for the "Building Department Administration" published by ICC. He also writes regularly for several national magazines, including Building Safety Journal and Fine Homebuilding.