Fink Named Code Official of the Year
This year's Code Official of the Year Award was presented to Michael Fink (center), Deputy Commissioner of the city of Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections. Fink was honored for his meritorious contributions to the code enforcement profession and for his professional abilities that are recognized as an example for all members of the building and fire safety industry.

"Mike is known for playing an instrumental role in Philadelphia's adoption of the I-Codes, working to help craft the ordinances, and meeting with government officials and industry leaders to address their concerns," Awards Committee Chairman Tim Ryan said. "The adoption is attributed to improved ISO ratings for Philadelphia, and a subsequent reduction in insurance premiums for its citizens and businesses."

Fink serves on the Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Committee. In that capacity, he is responsible for providing review and advice on matters related to Pennsylvania's construction code.

"I'm lucky because I work with a great group of people in the City of Philadelphia and in our local chapter, the Liberty Chapter, a few of which are here today," said Fink. "I have a really good boss, and I'm not just saying that to butter her up because she's here today. Commissioner (Fran) Burns set a goal for us to be the leading code enforcement entity in the nation, and that's a pretty high bar to have to reach every day, but it makes you come to work and do your best every day, and gives you a true sense of purpose for showing up."