Honoring A Great Resource: ICC Chapters


Code Council CEO Rick Weiland said the support provided by more than 330 ICC chapters is one of the greatest resources of the organization.

"Chapters provide a great level of support for I-Code adoption efforts and other important Code Council initiatives from the Community Building Code Administration Grant Act to creating an International Green Construction Code for buildings," Weiland said during the Chapter President’s Breakfast in Baltimore. "They also help in promoting professional development opportunities and networking opportunities for thousands of code officials and other industry professionals."

Weiland said one of the highlights of being CEO of the Code Council is visiting various chapter meetings. "It has been a great privilege for me to continue to visit chapter meetings around the country, and hear about so many great stories of success and dedication," he said. "It has been very helpful to spend time listening to your issues, and how you see the role of the Code Council in your professional lives."

That was especially true this past year, as the Council weathered the economic storm that has bored down on the country. "Your honest feedback as we move forward through this recession has really been appreciated, and I know that this year has been challenging and occasionally frustrating," Weiland said. "I am optimistic about our future, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts on that at tomorrow's Annual Business Meeting."

Board President Adolf Zubia expressed the same sentiments: "I want to echo something that Rick said and thank all of you for the time and effort you and your chapter members put forth to advance code administration and building safety," he said.

Weiland announced that 10 new ICC chapters were approved by the Board of Directors: Atlanta Metro Permit Technicians Association; Essex County Code Officials Enforcement Association; ICC Building Safety Association of Vermont; Liberty Chapter of Philadelphia; Northeast Georgia Inspectors Association; Northern New Mexico Association of Public Safety Officials; Pennsylvania Association of Fire Code Officials; San Mateo County Fire Prevention Officers; North Texas Plumbing Mechanical and Gas Officials, and the Plumbing Mechanical Officials of North Texas.