Global Forum — Monday, Sept. 30
Private and Public Partnerships in the Development and Application of Building Regulations in the World

The Global Forum addressed how the public and private sectors participate in the development of building regulations, such as codes and standards, and application of those regulations in different parts of the world and in the U.S. The topics discussed included: levels of government participation and role of the private sector in the development and application of regulations; incorporation of new technologies into regulations; private-sector code enforcement, inspections and code education; and influence and participation of the private sector in the adoption process.

Speakers shared their country and organizational/institutional experiences in the development and application of building regulations, and their participation in that process. They also presented innovative ideas and proposed solutions to actual challenges to the development and application of building regulations in their countries and how the private and public sector are involved in the process.
Raj Nathan, head of ICC Global Services, opens the Global Forum.
Chuck Ramani, president of IAS and Global Services, presents welcome remarks to attendees.
Code Council Board of Directors President Ronald Piester welcomes attendees to this year's Global Forum.
Odon de Buen, general director of the National Commission for Energy Efficiency, presents "Present and Future Challenges for the Adoption of Energy-Efficiency Standards and Codes for Buildings in Mexico" to Global Forum attendees.
Geoff Mitchell, managing director, GMA Certification Group Building Surveyors, presents "Private Certification of Building Works" to the Global Forum.
James Thomas, CEO of ASTM International, presents "ASTM International Standards in Building Codes: In the U.S. and around the World" to Forum attendees.
Joanne Littlefair, international trade specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, presents "International Trade Administration Initiatives" to the Global Forum.
Khalid El Zahaby, chairman of the Housing & Building National Research Center, presents "HBRC Interaction with Public and Private Sectors in Code Issuing and Standards Participation" to attendees.
Tom Phillips, code compliance manager of property development for TARGET Corp., presents "Replicable Building Guideline: The Business in the Box" to Forum attendees.
TJ Cartier, operations manager for TARGET Corp., addresses the Global Forum.
Masatoshi Hirano, executive director of Kakunin Service Co., Ltd., presents "Measures for Earthquake Resistance in Tokyo" to attendees.
William McHugh, executive director of the Firestop Contractors International Association, presents "Education — Key to Adoptions and Building Safety Worldwide" to Forum attendees.