Members Luncheon — Monday, Sept. 30
Members Lunch Features Virtual Tour of Climate Changes Impacting Building Codes

Dave Jones, founder and chief executive officer of Storm Center Communications, Inc., spoke on the relation of climate change to building codes — "Climate Change and Extreme Weather: What’s Going On and How Might Building Codes Be Affected?" —during the Members Luncheon. A timely topic for those Members who come from areas that were impacted by Superstorm Sandy, or the recent Colorado floods, and who have seen (or will see) the impact of weather-related natural disasters on the built environment.

More frequent and intense droughts, heat waves, storms and flooding are exposing more and more people and property to risk and make them more vulnerable to adverse impacts and economic losses. In 2011, 14 weather-related disasters in America caused more than $1 billion dollars in damages. Since 1980, the U.S. has sustained 134 weather or climate disasters that exceeded $1 billion each in damages.

Jones discussed the science behind the changes through an interactive technology called Envirocast Vision TouchTable where he transported the audience around the world on a virtual tour of changes that are happening and why it matters to us. Dave discussed why following developments in Greenland matter to those living on the East coast and why Arctic Sea ice has anything to do with our weather patterns. Finally, Dave discussed why any of this matters to the codes we develop and use in the built environment.
Code Council Board of Directors President Ronald Piester opens the Member Luncheon.
Edward M. Smith, Director of the New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards, addresses luncheon attendees.
Dave Jones, founder and CEO of StormCenter Communications, presents on climate change, extreme weather conditions, and how it all ties in with construction codes.
Dave Jones illustrates changing climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean.
Dave Jones explains why following developments in Greenland is important in tracking changing weather patterns.
Dave Jones presents on Arctic Sea ice and the link to changing weather patterns.