View the Full 2013 Report of the Group B Committee Action Hearings

The 2013 Report of the Committee Action Hearing contains all of the proposed revisions of the Group B Committee Action Hearings held April 21-April 30, in Dallas. The report includes the recommendation of the code development committee and their reason on each proposed item. Public comments are being accepted. The submission deadline for the Group B Public Comment Hearing is July 15.
cdpACCESS Team Heads to Dallas for the 2013 CAH

As a part of their immersive research process, the cdpACCESS design and development teams attended the 2013 Committee Action Hearing in Dallas. Joined by ICC staff members Margi Leddin, Amit Mehta, and Laurie Rich, Design Cloud and Caxy, the two firms engaged in the build, set up an information booth at the hearings to answer questions, get feedback, and educate attendees on the project. Team members attended and participated in meetings, conducted interviews, observed hearings, and manned a booth to answer questions and gather feedback. Research and Design Leads Karen Faith & Nick Hahn were invited to present the research and development strategy for the online code development platform to each of the Membership Councils as well as the ICC Board of Directors. The Board affirmed the progress and design strategy. “Although the process is very important, it is the outcome that I am truly interested in, and that outcome is more than a set of books full of Code requirements. The ultimate outcome is how this work affects people, and [Design Cloud's] approach is exactly what is needed in that regard,” said Board Member Ron Hoover.

During the week, Nick and Karen conducted both formal and informal interviews with ICC Voting Members, Board Members, Staff and other stakeholders at their request. Research Lead, Karen Faith, shared: “Every single person here cares so much about what they do. It is nothing less than inspiring to witness the level of commitment and passion it takes to study, enforce, amend and fight for these codes - to say nothing of the endurance that's required to last through these hearings.'" The cdpACCESS team extends a hearty thank you to all the attendees who took the time to speak with them in Dallas.

In conjunction with the CAH, a newly updated cdpACCESS section on the ICC website was launched. At cdpaccess.iccsafe.org, visitors will soon find an abbreviated version of Design Cloud’s presentation, a timeline of events related to the development of the new cdpACCESS, and an infographic showcasing all the ways cdpACCESS will empower participation in the code development process. Additionally, links to the discussion forum and collected feedback are still available as well.

So what’s next for cdpACCESS? The phased feature sets build plan continues as well as planning for testing and security of the online platform. The team is also developing an education and training program for future users that may include live online tutorials, a video series, workshops, and roundtable discussions. The cdpACCESS team will present an update at the July meeting of the ICC Board in Chicago.

As always, the cdpACCESS team invites anyone interested to visit cdpaccess.iccsafe.org to learn more. Feedback, comments, and questions can be sent to cdpaccess@iccsafe.org.