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Enhancements to ICC Certification Combination Designations  
New ICC Council Discusses Preferred Provider Program, ICC Training  
ICC Announces Enhancements to Certification Combination Designations

The Code Council's Exam Development Committees (EDC) for the Certification program have been reexamining the combination designations, as mentioned in the August 20 issue of ICC eNews. The changes will affect the Master Code Professional (MCP), Certified Building Official (CBO), Certified Fire Marshal (CFM) and Certified Code Official (CCO) designations.

Individuals that are already in the process of obtaining the current designations will have until December 31, 2016, to successfully complete all exams/modules. For more information, view the frequently asked questions and the table below.
Upcoming Changes to Designation Titles
Combo ID Current Designation Title Current Required Exams New Designation Title New Required Exams
B6 Certified Building Code Official (CBCO) B1, B2, B3, 01, 02 Building Code Specialist (BCS) B1, B2, B3, CS
E6 Certified Electrical Code Official (CECO) E1, E2, E3, 01, 02 Electrical Code Specialist (ECS) E1, E2, E3, CS
F6 Certified Fire Code Official (CFCO) 67, F3, 01, 02 Fire Code Specialist (FCS) 67, F3, CS
M6 Certified Mechanical Code Official (CMCO) M1, M2, M3, 01, 02 Mechanical Code Specialist (MCS) M1, M2, M3, CS
P6 Certified Plumbing Code Official (CPCO) P1, P2, P3, 01, 02 Plumbing Code Specialist (PCS) P1, P2, P3, CS
H6 Certified Housing Code Official (CHCO) B1, 64, 75, 01, 02 Housing and Zoning Code Specialist (HZCS) B1, 64, 75, CS
FM Certified Fire Marshal 67, F3, 01, 02 Certified Fire Marshal (CFM) MM, MG, FC
CB Certified Building Official (CBO) 01, 02 Certified Building Official (CBO) MM, MG, BC
      Permit Specialist (PS) NEW 14, CS
Certification Exam Codes
B1 | Residential Building Inspector
B2 | Commercial Building Inspector
B3 | Building Plans Examiner
E1 | Residential Electrical Inspector
E2 | Commercial Electrical Inspector
E3 | Electrical Plans Examiner
67 | Fire Inspector II
F3 | Fire Plans Examiner
M1 | Residential Mechanical Examiner
M2 | Commercial Mechanical Examiner
M3 | Mechanical Plans Examiner
P1 | Residential Plumbing Inspector
P2 | Commercial Plumbing Inspector
P3 | Plumbing Plans Examiner
64 | Property and Maintenance Housing Inspector
75 | Zoning Inspector
01 | Legal/Management module | sunsets 12/31/2016
02 | Technology module | sunsets 12/31/2016
CS | Code Specialist module | includes legal, management, and customer service content | NEW
MM | Management module | NEW
MG | Legal module | NEW
FC | Fire Codes and Standards module | NEW
BC | Building Codes and Standards module | NEW
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Code Council's New Professional Development Council Discusses Preferred Provider Program and ICC Training

The Professional Development Council (PDC) met and reviewed the Preferred Provider Program (PPP) and the draft program manual recommended by the Preferred Provider Stakeholder Group. The PPP Stakeholder Group is comprised of representatives of ICC Chapters, associations, educators and industry from across the country. The program will provide additional opportunities for learning and increase ICC Members' and customers' access to Continuing Education Units for renewal of ICC Certifications. ICC Staff will approve providers and courses to ensure training quality.

For providers, the PPP will connect them to ICC Members to create a vast network of educational opportunities as well as allow participation in the ICC Chapter Education Benefit program. Courses and providers will only need to register once, and providers will need to renew annually. The Reasonable provider fees will vary depending on the category of the educator and the mode of training, such as onsite or online. The fees will be finalized and announced soon. Additional information and details about the Preferred Provider Program will be available in October.

Training events conducted prior to implementation of the program will be recognized for ICC CEUs for certifications renewed in 2015, if the education provider becomes an ICC Preferred Provider prior to January 1, 2015.

ICC also has been working to enhance its training program by providing the best training on ICC's core codes, providing more online training that will be available affordably and 24/7, and increasing the flexibility of the Hire ICC to Teach training program.

The new Professional Development Council was created to foster conversation between ICC's education and certification committees. Though the programs must maintain a degree of independence due to certification exam requirements and exam security issues, the programs need to build more synergy to provide the best value to ICC Members and customers.
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