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Fugate: We Have to Build to the Future

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate urged city and county officials at last month's National Hurricane Conference to factor disaster preparedness and risk into proposals for any new coastal development or post-storm reconstruction. But Fugate also said he wouldn't necessarily discourage building along the country's storm-prone coastline as long as the risks are shouldered by the private sector and not taxpayers. "We have rebuilt all kinds of infrastructure after a storm only to (see it) get washed away in the next storm," Fugate told reporters. "Why? Because we keep building to the past. We have to build to the future."

National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb warned that many people on the Gulf and East coasts don't know whether they live in an evacuation zone and don't understand that a hurricane's wind speeds won't necessarily correspond to its storm surge. "These folks need us to be more clear," he said. "We need to make it easier." Continue reading story
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Post-Sandy Building Codes Protect Property, Raise Reconstruction Costs
EPA Seeks Small Businesses' Input on Lead Paint for Public and Commercial Buildings
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ARIZONA: Casa Grande Council Approves New Building Codes
CONNECTICUT: North Hempstead Building Department Offers Mobile Hours
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Innovative New Construction Codes Adopted to Promote Sustainable Building
FLORIDA: Emerging Trend? Analyzing Florida's Construction Lien Law
FLORIDA: Inspector General Opens Investigation into Fort Lauderdale Building Department
ILLINOIS: Home Builders, Illinois House Look to Weaken Fire Marshal Authority
INDIANA: Building Department Inspector Has Dibs on Full-Time Gig
MISSISSIPPI: Commissioner of Insurance States Building Codes Will Save Lives, Money
MISSOURI: West County EMS to Hold Public Hearing on Fire Code Changes
NEVADA: Harmon Tower Set to Fall; Faulty Column Reinforcement Halts Construction
NEW YORK: City Proposes Changes to Rooftop Water Tank Regulations
NEW YORK: Guilty Verdict in Trial Where Two Firefighters Were Ambushed and Killed
PENNSYLVANIA: Department of Environmental Protection Hosting IECC Training Workshop
SOUTH CAROLINA: State Avoids LEED Ban, Adopts Compromise Language
TEXAS: Boy Buys 100 Smoke Detectors for Elderly Residents after Local Tragedy
WASHINGTON, DC: New Fire Safety Regulations for Hospitals
WYOMING: Creeping Landslide Devouring Part of Jackson
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AUSTRALIA: GBCA Calls for Industry Feedback on Next Generation Rating Tool
AUSTRALIA: The Rise of Vertical Aged Care
AUSTRALIA: Conference to Focus on Timber Construction Revolution
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CANADA: International Summit Accessibility Program Announced
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CANADA: City Inspectors at Downtown Building Hours before Collapse
CANADA: Changes in Building Code Results in War on Doorknobs
NIGERIA: Stakeholders Seek Legal Backing for National Building Code
NIGERIA: Resolving the Unending Cement Standardization War
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Green Building Gets an Upgrade
EPA Announces Winner of Annual Energy Star National Building Competition
Building Green with the Help of Concrete
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