Plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, swimming pool & private sewage disposal


Conformity assessment made easy and credible

The International Code Council (ICC) and its legacy organizations — namely the International Conference of Building Officials, Building Officials and Code Administrators International, and the Southern Building Code Congress International — have been known for years for both the building codes and building product evaluation. What many people may not realize is the experience and the dominance of the Code Council and ICC-ES in the areas of plumbing, mechanical and gas codes, and product certification.

The Code Council's International Plumbing Code has been adopted in more states than any other plumbing code published in the U.S. The International Mechanical Code has been adopted in 49 states as well. The evaluation service program has been certifying plumbing and mechanical codes for decades.

Why do clients come to ICC-ES for their certification needs?

  • Because our marks of conformity are what the code officials look for.
  • Our evaluation process is fast and thorough and is what code officials trust.
  • The International Code Council enjoys the membership of 63,000 members, 15,000 of which are code officials and plumbing inspectors that look for our mark of conformity.
  • No other organization in this industry comes close to this grand level of membership.
  • ICC-ES helps manufacturers go to market faster.
  • ICC-ES PMG evaluates to all applicable codes such as the International Plumbing Code, International Residential Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code as well as the National Plumbing Code of Canada.
  • ICC-ES offers the most friendly and customer-centric service in the industry.
ICC-ES PMG offers a complete range of services for the North American continent:

  • Plumbing: ranges from faucets and toilets and fixtures to pipes and backflow prevention devices and all other products referenced in the North American codes and standards.
  • Mechanical, fuel gas, swimming pool and private sewage disposal: With the most experienced mechanical engineers on board, ICC-ES can certify all products referenced in these International Codes as well as other codes such as the Uniform Mechanical Code, which is adopted only by the state of California.
  • Other services: Drinking water treatment units, low lead evaluation, toxicity evaluation, material and component listing, food equipment, kitchen cabinets, etc.
What sets ICC-ES apart from other service providers? Well, it is numerous:

  • The ICC-ES PMG program is more affordable than other service providers. On average, an applicant saves 50 percent when switching over to ICC-ES PMG.
  • Code officials and inspectors in the U.S. and Canada, many of who are members of the International Code Council, readily recognize and trust the ICC-ES PMG mark of conformity. Some look for only the PMG mark when approving products for installation.
  • ICC-ES PMG's product evaluation is the most comprehensive product evaluation in the industry. Products are evaluated to the International Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, and National Plumbing Code of Canada, as well as any local and state codes (at the request of the clients).
  • ICC-ES PMG performs not only thorough evaluations, but also expedited evaluations. While others may use monthly committee meetings with a group of bureaucrats, ICC-ES uses the services of experienced engineers with many years of codes and standards experience.
  • ICC-ES PMG does not conduct useless warehouse inspections, saving manufacturers money and time.
  • ICC-ES PMG offers free WaterSense listings.
  • It offers free NSF 372 and lead law listings.
  • The NSF 61 listing is normally in the same file as the performance file applicable to the product, hence, there are no additional fees for maintenance of NSF 61 listings.
Above all, ICC-ES is backed by the International Code Council, the publisher of the most prominent codes in the nation, from the building code, to the plumbing, mechanical and gas code and the swimming pool code. ICC-ES has all the expertise in-house to conduct the most comprehensive product evaluation. It also has the most experienced and friendly engineers and staff in the industry. Code officials look for the ICC-ES marks of conformity; manufacturers trust the ICC-ES marks of conformity. Contact ICC-ES Connect + customer care at 1-800-423-6587.