Clark County earns first IAS Fire Prevention/Code Life Safety Department accreditation in Nevada
The Clark County, Nev., Department of Building and Fire Prevention is the first department in Nevada to achieve accreditation in International Accreditation Service's Fire Prevention/Life Safety Department Accreditation program. To achieve accreditation, Clark County demonstrated compliance with the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Fire Prevention/Life Safety Departments (AC426), and has been accredited commencing May 13.

A subsidiary of the International Code Council, IAS provides an independent assessment and verification the department operates at the highest legal, ethical and technical standards.

Accreditation by IAS provides formal recognition that the department has demonstrated the competence to administer an effective system of code enforcement, fire prevention, life safety programs, and other functions of that benefit the community it serves.

"This accreditation demonstrates the Clark County Department of Building and Fire Prevention's strong commitment to public safety," said IAS President Chuck Ramani. "To attain accreditation, the department underwent rigorous assessments to verify that it operates under the highest ethical, legal and technical standards while providing enhanced life safety and property protection."

The accreditation is based on the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Fire Prevention Departments/Code Enforcement Agencies (AC426). The accreditation process included an IAS review of the department's policies and procedures, an onsite pre-evaluation and a full evaluation of the department onsite.

The IAS team evaluated Clark County against the performance requirements in 10 primary categories including governance and administration, risk assessment, goals and objectives, finance, program activity, physical resources, human resources, training and competency, essential resources and external systems relations.

For more information, email, call 866-427-4422, or visit the IAS website.