ICC President's Award presented to new voting devices team


Award recipients are selected by the President for this special recognition for their service to the International Code Council

International Code Council Board of Directors Immediate Past President Dwayne Garriss presented his 2017 President's Award to the team of people who developed the new voting devices that were used at the Annual Business Meeting. The team includes Tabinda Akhtar, Imran Haq, Reuven Hicks, Zubair Kaleemulla, Marcin Michalek, Laurie Rich, Sean Stanhibel and Rick Szentkiralyi. The President's Award honors an individual or group that makes an exceptional contribution to the goals, vision and mission of the International Code Council.

The project began two years ago after the Long Beach hearings. The team stepped up to the plate to find an innovative solution to an important issue — finding a way for all voting members to vote at the Annual Business Meetings, Code Action Hearings and Public Comment Hearings. The process was extensive, and the team explored and tested several different options before choosing the current design. They focused on the needs of the users and designed a simple, intuitive system that will make the voting process simple, reliable and accurate.

The voting system uses proven technology such as Apple devices and Cisco equipment. It relies on 5G technology for signal transmission and is built with backup plans and contingency plans for many possible points of failure.

The project has truly been a team effort between ICC's information technology staff, codes staff, and outside software and hardware vendors. The information technology team spent countless hours designing, developing, building and testing the system.

"On behalf of my team, I want to thank a lot of people for this," said cdpACCESS Project Coordinator Laurie Rich who accepted the award on behalf of the team. "Dan and John who developed the application, Marcin's team who put a lot of hours into the hardware, and Tabinda's team who spent countless hours testing it to make sure we caught every little bug before we came here. Thank you all for this really lovely acknowledgement of all our hard work. It's been an interesting year with a lot of challenges. Thank you to all of you for letting us do this great work."