ICC joining the Resilient Nation Partnership Network

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network (RNPN) developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a collection of organizations committed to building resilient communities collaborating on best practices and sharing tools and resources for enduring natural disasters. The International Code Council (ICC) and its resilience subsidiary, the Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR), were recently invited to join the RNPN of which there are more than 100 organizations involved including the American Red Cross, National Fire Protection Association, Natural Hazard Mitigation Association, National Electrical Manufacturers Association and National Institute of Building Sciences.

With Hurricane Harvey's arrival, RNPN and ICC's partnership was an opportunity to offer and utilize an exchange of ideas for the natural disaster, and ICC contributed disaster response resources, including the ICC Disaster Response Network (DRN). Meeting agendas include discussions about "Building Flood Groups from the Ground Up," "Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Developing Countries," "Flooding Threatens Public Schools Across the Country" and "FEMA's Risk Management Directorate Strategy."