Call for Presentations Deadline Extended to January 22: Global Connections Day 2018
Please join us by sharing your expertise at the 2018 International Code Council Global Connections Day (GCD 2018) on October 24, 2018 in Richmond, VA. GCD 2018 is supported by the Global Membership Council of the ICC and convened as part of the International Code Council Annual Business Meeting.

Theme and Focus Points: The overall theme for GCD 2018 is Innovation in the World of Building Safety. Morning sessions will focus on Innovative Methods and Materials in Building Design and Construction. Afternoon sessions will address Innovative Approaches to the Building Regulatory Process.

Presentation Format: Individuals and groups submitting proposals are expected to focus on the theme of innovation as it relates to either focus point. Both individuals and groups are encouraged to submit proposals.

It is expected that presentations will be educational and will address multiple viewpoints on a specific subject. Individual presentations should be designed for 30 minutes of presentation time and feature a speaker addressing a specific subject or concept. Group presentations can be either 30 or 60 minutes in length and should include a variety of viewpoints on the suggested topic. Roundtable or counterpoint presentations are encouraged and up to four designated individuals may participate.

Potential Topics: Submissions should adhere to the theme and focus points identified above and clearly define the topic or topics to be presented or discussed. The ICC is particularly interested in presentations that:

  • Address new and innovative uses of contemporary or cutting-edge building materials or construction methods;
  • Identify new techniques for or approaches to code enforcement;
  • Explain new methods of evaluating the code- or standard-compliance of buildings or structures;
  • Identify innovative techniques, materials, or concepts not generally used in North America;
  • Discuss how innovation in construction or code enforcement is widening or closing the gap between developed and developing countries.
  • Explain how the trend toward increased resilience in structures and communities has impacted innovation in construction, code enforcement, and/or building material technology.

Participation: To be considered for GCD 2018, please submit a written proposal that includes the following:

  • Subject matter: 3-5 sentences describing title or topic, presentation content, format and relevance to morning or afternoon focus topic;
  • Identification of the requested Format: Individual presentation, panel discussion, roundtable discussion;
  • Identification of the proponent, sponsor or funding element of the presentation;
  • The name and affiliation of individual presentation speakers or known panel or roundtable participants and the relationship of each to the proponent, sponsor or funding element. Panel or roundtable proposals that cannot identify specific individuals should identify the organizations that will be represented on the panel or in the roundtable and the relationship of each organization to the proponent or topic.
    NOTE: Panels and roundtables must feature a balance of perspectives. A short statement identifying how the panel or roundtable is balanced must be submitted. An acknowledgement of the allowed Timeframe: 30 minutes for individual presentations and 30 or 60 minutes for roundtable or panel discussions is required.
  • Presentation submission: Brief outline of the presentation, panel discussion or roundtable discussion.

Submissions are due by January 22, 2018. Presenters will be notified approximately February 9, 2018. Final material submission will be due to the ICC approximately September 1, 2018. Please send proposals to Alberto Herrera at or call 562.699.0541 ext. 3226 for more information.