Working together to prevent water-related injuries and tragedies

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) 2018 Educational Conference was held April 2–6, 2018, in Tampa, Fla., and provided a combination of educational opportunities and speakers from many sections of the drowning prevention community. More than 35 speakers presented at this year's conference.

International Code Council Government Relations Senior Director of PMG Resources Charles "Lee" Clifton and Carvin DioGiovanni and Steve Getzoff of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals participated in a panel discussion on the advantages of adopting the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.

The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code is the first and only comprehensive model swimming pool and spa code available for states and localities to adopt. It is the only model code that addresses all (public and residential) types of pools and spas, and covers all aspects of construction and design, including barriers, entrapment prevention, materials, finishes, dimensions and slopes, exits and entries, circulation, sanitization, signage and depth markers, and energy efficiency. It also covers ancillary components such as suction fittings, filters, pumps, motors, heaters, diving equipment, ladders and steps. It is part of the family of International Code Council model codes and was developed jointly with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

Clifton was visited at the Code Council booth by Dr. Jane Katz, a World Masters Champion swimmer, aquatic fitness pioneer, member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and recipient of the FINA IOC Certificate of Merit that was awarded at the 2000 Olympics for her 43 years of contributions to the sport. Dr. Katz uses her years of experience in the water to rehabilitate veterans, engaging them in exercises designed to help their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Code Council and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance will continue to work together with our partners to prevent water-related injuries and tragedies.