Jim Ellwood joins Code Council Government Relations team as new Career Development Coordinator

ICC High School Technical Training Program Liaison Jim Elwood presents on the program during this year's ICC Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio.
Jim Ellwood is passionate about helping students prepare for and find careers in various fields of construction. For the last seven years—starting in 2011—he has worked as a residential plans examiner and senior commercial plans examiner for the Building Service Division of Harford County in Maryland, in addition to consulting for the International Code Council on its High School Technical Training Program (HSTTP). As the program's liaison, he has demonstrated tireless passion for advocating the importance of educating students for careers as construction professionals.

His dedication has paid off. Since 2011, the HSTTP has awarded 1,285 certificates to 950 students in 51 different schools in 11 states. The program succeeds because of the many hardworking students and supportive instructors, and the commitment of Ellwood himself.

"Folks say I'm enthusiastic about this program," said Ellwood. "How could I not be? I have a group of young people who want to excel in their careers."

"Building officials joining together and mentoring this program will provide the Code Council and building code communities an opportunity to contribute to the workforce of the future, and ensure that ICC remains a leader in code development and code education," Ellwood added.

Last month, Ellwood joined the Code Council as the Career Development Coordinator in the Government Relations department. The new position will develop and run ICC's technical high school and community college training programs, and its new Military Families Career Path Program.

"I am very excited about working with ICC full-time," said Ellwood. "From day one, everyone has treated me like family. I cannot say enough about Sara Yerkes' mentoring and support. It is a pleasure and great learning opportunity to work with someone of her capabilities. The technical school education program and the military program will be a success due to the quality and commitment of code officials that are the International Code Council."

Ellwood's efforts have been recognized at the highest levels. In 2016, former Code Council Board President Alex Olszowy presented his President's Award to Jim Ellwood for his efforts in embracing the Council's Safety 2.0 mission and preparing our industry's emerging leaders to take the reins of the profession.

"The vision and energy behind the High School Technical Training Program can be attributed to many people, but there is one who stands out," said Olszowy in presenting the award. "Jim Ellwood embodies the spirit and passion inspiring high school students around the country to join the cause. This man is truly inspirational."

For more information on the Code Council's technical high school and community college training programs, or its new Military Families Career Path Program, contact Jim Ellwood, career development liaison, ICC Government Relations, at 1-888-ICC-SAFE (1-888-422-7233), ext. 5701.