IAS launches new accreditation program for inspection practices of metal building assemblers.
IAS began a series of meetings with the Metal Building Contractor and Erectors Association (MBCEA) in August 2013 to develop an accreditation program for companies that assemble metal buildings. MBCEA approached IAS with a request to establish a benchmark for companies qualified to assemble and erect metal buildings. "We knew it was critical to have an independent and objective organization to oversee development, and ultimately manage the accreditation program, and that is why we approached IAS," said Gary Smith, President, MBCEA.

The accreditation program uses an internal inspection process to recognize competent companies that assemble and erect metal buildings such as warehouses and churches, schools and airplane hangars. The efforts by the MBCEA and IAS to create the accreditation culminated in the approval of AC478, the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Practices for Metal Building Assemblers. AC478 is the primary document to be used to accredit the inspection programs of contractors and building erectors that seek accreditation under the voluntary program. The criteria were approved by the IAS Accreditation Committee at the February 9, 2015, IAS public hearing in Los Angeles.

To achieve AC478 accreditation, companies must demonstrate that they have the personnel, organization, experience, management procedures and competence to assemble and erect metal building systems in accordance with specified requirements and in accordance with the International Building Code. IAS-accredited assemblers are required to operate under a documented management system that includes a safety and training program and periodic jobsite inspections to verify continued compliance with the criteria. The periodic jobsite inspections are conducted by IAS-accredited inspection agencies.

"The new IAS accreditation program for Metal Building Assemblers (AC478) compliments an existing IAS accreditation program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems (AC472)," said Sandi McCracken, IAS Program Manager. "Now consumers can purchase a metal building from an IAS-accredited manufacturer and have it erected by an IAS-accredited assembler."

A joint IAS/MBCEA Technical Committee was tasked with drafting AC478 and included a cross-functional team representing all facets of the industry. Members of the committee included: Tim Seyler, S&S Structures; Tom Frahm, Butler Manufacturing; Wes Young, NCI Building Systems; David Bergholz, Chief Buildings; Eric Kay, Thomas Phoenix International, Inc.; Stephen Moore, MMS Northeast; Ryan Grouws, CHG Buildings Systems; Mark Bailey, MarKim Erection Co.; Kurt Ives, American Buildings Company and Mike Reynolds, Systems Contractors. Helping to provide oversight and direction for the committee were Gary Smith, President, MBCEA; Jackie Meiluta, MBCEA and Sandi McCracken, IAS Program Manager.

Draft versions of AC478 were reviewed by an industry review committee whose members included Tom Gilligan, Butler; Ken Buchinger, MBCI; Sheryl Cattau, Behlen Building Systems; Erin Sullivan, Chief Buildings; Martin Harper, Chief Buildings; Kenny Waugh, Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT); Tula Thompson, Bay Insulation; Dave Volk, American Buildings Company; Chuck Haslebacher, Varco Pruden Buildings and Matthew Threadgill, BlueScope Construction, Inc.
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