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U.S. Federal District Court clears path for ICC copyright complaint against IAPMO.

A Federal Court on Monday cleared the path for ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES) to proceed with its copyright infringement complaint against the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, Inc. (IAPMO) when the court denied IAPMO's motion to have the case dismissed. In a 25-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan struck down IAPMO's arguments to dismiss ICC-ES' Federal copyright claims as "unavailing," noting that side-by-side comparisons of ICC-ES' copyrighted materials with IAPMO's allegedly infringing works that were presented to the Court as evidence along with ICC-ES' complaint, "could permit a reasonable observer to conclude that appropriation occurred."


Voting at the Group B Public Comment Hearings.

The Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City, Mo., are the first step in the process to determine the Final Action on 2016 Group B code changes — Public Comment Hearing voting followed by the Online Governmental Consensus Vote utilizing cdpACCESS. Click here for a summary of the voting procedures published on page iv of the posted Public Comment Agenda, specifically noting how the final action will be determined.


Voting at the 2016 Annual Business Meeting.

An electronic voting system will not be utilized during the 2016 Annual Business Meeting in Kansas City. Voting at the Annual Business Meeting will be determined by either a show of hands or a written ballot, to be determined in accordance with CP 19.


ICC Board solicits feedback on the ICC code development process.

In 2015, ICC entered into a new agreement with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers to develop the 2018 International Green Construction Code. As a result, hosting a Group C code development cycle was not necessary. Since then, ICC has received numerous suggestions on what to do in 2017 since there would not be any code development hearings. ICC responded with the ICC Training & Certification Summit to be held May 22-26, 2017, at the University of Texas at Arlington. In addition, many members and organizations have made further suggestions on what they feel could be improvements to the code development process, some of which have been forwarded to the ICC Board. Read more.


Members of the Fire Code Action Committee Regional Work Group — Western Region review monograph items being considered and discuss Fire Code Action Committee working spreadsheet. Pictured (left-right): Fire CAC Liaison Howard Hopper, regulatory services manager, Underwriters Laboratories; Glenn D'Auria, Tucson Fire Department; Fire CAC Chair Robert Marshall, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District; Fire CAC Liaison Morgana Yahnke, lead designated campus fire marshal, University of California, Davis; Kathy Clay, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS; Lynn Nielson, fire protection engineer, Henderson Building and Fire Safety Division; Mark Burton, Utah State Fire Marshal's Office; and Scott Adams, Park City Fire Service District.

Western Regional Work Group readies for upcoming Public Comment Hearings.

The ICC Fire Code Action Committee Western Regional Work Group conducted a two-day work session on September 13-14 in Park City, Utah, to review Group B Public comments in preparation for the upcoming Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City. The meeting was hosted by group member Scott Adams, assistant chief, Park City Fire Protection District, who also is currently serving as the chair of ICC's Fire Service Membership Council. The work group is comprised of volunteers representing local fire marshals/inspectors, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Association of State Fire Marshals and industry who lend their expertise and experience in evaluating fire service-related code change proposals, including associated public comments as part of the Fire Code Action Committee's task in supporting ICC's code development process.


Don't miss Energy Efficiency Zone's cutting-edge energy solutions.

The Energy Efficiency Zone, sponsored by RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), is new to the trade show floor this year and will feature manufacturers, suppliers and organizations displaying and discussing the latest energy efficiency technologies and products. The Energy Efficiency Zone will provide industry professionals a focused arena for discussing cutting-edge energy solutions for today's marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity.


Did 9/11 change the way we build?

The destruction of the twin towers — which killed 2,753 people — led to safer building practices that make it easier for people to escape fires and other disasters in high-rises now being built. "The collapse brought to our attention that there are other forces out there, in addition to natural forces, and identified the need for additional safeguards to be built into buildings, principally super-tall buildings," said Mike Pfeiffer, senior vice president of technical services of the International Code Council.


ICC Preferred Provider Program approaches two-year anniversary with great success.

The November 2014 launch of the ICC Preferred Provider Program was intended to strengthen the partnerships between ICC, ICC Chapters, government jurisdictions, associations, educators and industry corporations to create an easily accessible network of high-quality training opportunities for the professionals in the building safety and construction industry. As we approach our two-year anniversary, the program has achieved and surpassed that goal by building a vast network of Preferred Providers from all segments of the building safety and construction industry. Currently, the program involves more than 260 active providers who offer more than 530 approved online and onsite courses.


U.S. House passes ICC-supported Perkins Act reauthorization.

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act has been a crucial source of federal funds for career and technical education. Last week, the House of Representatives reauthorized that funding through Fiscal Year 2022, providing security and stability for schools specializing in high school education that prepares students for entering the workforce as skilled as possible.


It's EPA SepticSmart week!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — in conjunction with federal, state and local government and private sector partners — kicked off its fourth annual SepticSmart Week to encourage American homeowners and communities to properly maintain their septic systems; improperly installed and unmaintained, septic systems can contaminate groundwater and harm the environment by releasing bacteria, viruses and household toxins into local waterways. The International Code Council has recognized the need for a modern, up-to-date code that addresses the safe and sanitary installation of individual sewage disposal systems. The 2015 edition of the International Private Sewage Disposal Code is designed to meet these needs through model code regulations that safeguard the public health and safety in all communities, large and small.

For information on SepticSmart Week or tips on how to properly maintain your septic system, visit


ICC & SEAOC update 2015 IBC Structural/Seismic series.

ICC has again partnered with the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) to update the series of Structural/Seismic Design Manuals to the 2015 International Building Code (IBC). Each volume provides a step-by-step approach to applying the structural provisions of the 2015 IBC and referenced standards.


Code essentials on decks & balconies.

The recent collapse of two house decks near Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., where about 30 people were injured, have building officials across the country re-examining the methods and materials used in conventional wood deck construction. The International Residential Code provides prescriptive methods for conventional wood deck construction that reflect widely accepted construction techniques in use over many decades.


Don't miss this webinar on new carbon-monoxide detection requirements.

Carbon monoxide — the "invisible killer" — is responsible for an annual estimated 430 non-fire-related fatalities and 15,000 non-fire related hospital visits. To help combat the issue, the 2015 International Codes added carbon-monoxide detection requirements for a variety of occupancies. The webinar Carbon Monoxide: Changes in the 2015 I-Codes on Sept. 29 will detail the dangerous health effects of acute carbon-monoxide exposure; the locations where the I-Codes now require detection equipment; and the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for carbon-monoxide detection equipment.


The best of inside the beltway.

The latest in the "House of Codes" video series — where ICC staff in Washington, D.C., give quick takes on what's happening nationally and how it affects ICC members — is now available. If you're looking for a specific topic (or are just in the mood to binge-watch), check out the archives.


What we're reading, following & covering.

There's a lot happening — domestically and globally — in building safety, fire prevention, sustainability and resiliency right now. Our aim is to provide busy professionals like you with a weekly run-down of the most compelling industry news stories concerning the safety, science and performance of the built environment. We do the reading for you and break down the latest news and information into an easy-to-digest format with fresh insight.


2016 ICC Chapter meetings & events.

ICC attends SCPGMIA annual conference
IABO hosts Member Benefit Day Dinner
ICC advocates for IECC at annual NASEO meeting
ICC NHBOSS Chapter networks on common issues


ICC affiliate sponsors


Training & education opportunities

Residential Inspection Institute
Sept. 19-23 | Birmingham, AL
2015 IRC Residential Deck Construction
Sept. 27 | Frankenmuth, MI
2012 IBC Accessible Means of Egress
Sept. 27 | Frankenmuth, MI
ICC Annual Conference
Oct. 17-18 | Kansas City, MO

Upcoming shows & events

ASCC Annual Conference
Sept. 15-18 | Bloomington, MN
Greenbuild 2016
Oct. 5-7 | Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 6-7 | Baltimore, MD
Construct 2016
Oct. 7-9 | Austin, TX
Building Safety & Design Expo
Oct. 16-17 | Kansas City, MO
Metalcon 2016
Oct. 26-28 | Baltimore, MD
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