This effort needs your support and commitment. Please contact us today to get involved or to become one of the many supporters that are donating to this effort. For more information on how to get involved or donate today, contact:

Justin Wiley
Warren C. Edwards
Evan Reis, SE

ANCR Board of Directors

Bryan J. Soukup, Esq.
Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, American Society of Interior Designers
Maj. General Warren C. Edwards (Ret.)
Evan Reis, SE
Vice Chairman
Ryan M. Colker, J.D.
Vice President
National Institute of Building Sciences
Gina L. Bocra, AIA, LEED AP BD+C/ID+C
Chief Sustainability Officer
New York City Department of Buildings
Harrison Newton
100 Resilient Cities Launch Coordinator
Office of the City Administrator, Washington, District of Columbia
Thomas Phillips
Target Corporation
Principal - Building Regulatory Strategy
ANCR Corporate Advisory Council Chair
Amy Schmidt
The Dow Chemical Company
‎Assoc. Manager Building & Construction Advocacy
ANCR Corporate Advisory Council Member

Executive Director

Justin Wiley
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Becoming an ANCR Member

  1. Provide your logo
    • The Alliance is stronger as a united, diverse force for community resilience. Providing ANCR permission to use your logo and organization name on ANCR materials and communications strengthens the validity of the organization and its deliverables. This is key to your organization’s public commitment to ANCR and its mission.
  2. Invest your time
    • At present, ANCR Consists of:
      • A Five-Member Executive Board of Directors
      • A General Advisory Committee, consisting of all current ANCR member organizations
  3. Share your expertise
    • ANCR is committed to not redoing good work that has already been done. You have been invited to join ANCR because your organization has specialized expertise that can contribute to the final whole-community resilience benchmark. Other than your time served on subcommittees, what can you contribute?
      • White papers and other research
      • Proprietary systems and ratings
      • Your industry contacts
  4. Financially contribute
    • The whole-community resilience benchmark is a tool that is desperately needed by American communities. ANCR’s leadership has already engaged with communities across the U.S. that tell us that the benchmark can and will be used. However, no matter how great the concept is, it cannot and will not be built without proper support and funding. ANCR needs immediate funding to:
      • Hold two national workshops to build the system
      • Create marketing materials to entice communities to use the system
      • Pay for the legal and administrative expenses necessary to operate a 501c3 organization
      • Pay for administrative support and subject matter experts who will compile the work done into a system prototype
      • Pay for Board Member and Organizational Member travel to introduce the system, lobby for its use, and raise additional funding
        We ask all ANCR members, especially those in the private, for-profit sector, to make a financial commitment.

Overview of ANCR Sponsorship

ANCR believes that community systems rarely, if ever, are isolated from one another. When disaster strikes, all gears in the local system must continue to function and be able respond to adverse events. ANCR intends to give communities a transparent, usable, and easily understandable community self-assessment tool to gauge and improve their cross-sector resilience quickly and simply.

No matter how great the concept is, it cannot and will not be built without proper participation, support, and funding. Though donations are NOT a prerequisite for membership, ANCR needs immediate funding to hold national workshops to build the system and support the function of various working committees, which will develop the toolkit and community resilience benchmark system prototype. With your help and commitment, this resiliency self-assessment tool can become a reality that can support communities across the United States.

ANCR is proud to highlight just a few of our members that have embraced ANCR’s whole-community approach and are working to create a more resilient tomorrow:

Target Corp. – More than $40,000 donated.
The Dow Chemical Company - $50,000 donated.
The Portland Cement Association - $25,000 donated.
Simpson Strong-Tie - $15,000 donated.
Wall and Ceiling Alliance - $5,000 donated.

Ways You Can Sponsor ANCR

  1. General Program Sponsorship: General donations of $500, $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000 (multi-year commitment requested).
  2. Lead Resilience Development Process Sponsor – Targeted donations of any amount committed to any one or multiple benchmarks in a development cycle. For 2018: Water; Energy; and/or Buildings. Donate by 2/16/18 for recognition as a LEAD sponsor.
  3. Resilience Development Process Sponsor – Post-2/16/18 - Targeted donations of any amount committed to any one or multiple benchmarks in a development cycle. For 2018: Water; Energy; and/or Buildings. Development for 2019 and beyond will be announced at a later date.

ANCR Levels of General Program Sponsorship

Level of Sponsorship Commitment Sponsors Recruited*
Platinum $50,000 each year for 3 years 4
Gold $10,000 each year for 3 years 3
Silver $5,000 each year for 3 years 2
Signatory $500 each year for 3 years N/A
I’m Interested in Sponsoring ANCR

Note: "Sponsors Recruited" applies to associations and non-profits that recruit paying sponsors and will replace sponsorship costs for associations/entities who recruit paying sponsors.