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Monday, November 2
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Tuesday, November 3
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Wednesday, November 4
International Plumbing Code
Track 1 | Hilton Ballroom 1–6
International Zoning Code
Track 1 | Hilton Ballroom 1–6
International Existing
Building Code
Track 1 | Hilton Ballroom 1–6
International Building Code—Fire Safety
Track 1 | Hilton Ballroom 1–6
International Plumbing Code
Track 2 | Hilton Ballroom 7–12
International Private Sewage Disposal Code
Track 2 | Hilton Ballroom 7–12
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Code Development, Adoption and Compliance Are Keys to Achieving Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Noting that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) submitted more than 75 proposals for the Code Development Hearings in Baltimore, Catherine Zoi (above), Assistant Secretary for the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), told attendees at this morning's Opening Session that energy efficiency and conservation are a central initiative of the Obama Administration.

"Clean energy is central because there is an intersection of three things that make it profoundly important," Zoi explained. "The first is national security: energy independence; the second is climate protection: climate change and stopping global warming; and the third is job creation.

"We've got an economy, as we all know, that's in malaise," Zoi continued. "The next industrial revolution is going to come on the back of a clean energy revolution that is going to create millions of jobs for Americans."

Zoi commended attendees for the work that has already been done by code officials to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. "Forty percent of our primary energy is consumed in buildings, and 72 percent of our electricity, so let me get back to commending you for the work that you've done—the 2009 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) getting a 10–15 percent improvement in our residential building stock," she said. "Let me also commend you for actively engaging in the 30-percent challenge for 2012, which I understand became within a hare's-breath of being part of the 2009 code. Thirty-percent challenge for 2012, that's very, very exciting. Let me now put it to a bit of a challenge. Let me challenge you to go forth (and) let's push for that 30 percent together." more>>


Honoring A Great Resource: ICC Chapters

Noting the efforts of 337 chapters worldwide, Code Council CEO Rick Weiland (left) said the support provided by members is one of the greatest resources of the organization.

"Chapters provide a great level of support for I-Code adoption efforts and other important Code Council initiatives from the Community Building Code Administration Grant Act to creating an International Green Construction Code for buildings," Weiland said.

Board President Adolf Zubia echoed those thoughts and introduced the Chapter of the Year and Merit Award winners during this morning's Chapter President's Breakfast. more>>

Building Safety Month Promoted on Lipford's Radio Show

Consistency is the best way to deliver a message, and home expert Danny Lipford announced during today's ICC Foundation Luncheon that he will dedicate his nationally syndicated radio show to Building Safety Month activities in May 2010. Lipford's radio show, Home Front, is currently broadcast in 91 cities. He also has a syndicated television show that airs in 220 cities and he is a regular guest on "The Weather Channel" and "The Early Show" on CBS.

"It really takes a strong, repetitive campaign in order for people to really understand things, and what better way of doing it than with Building Safety Month?" Lipford said. "Each week, we're going to look at the different efforts that you guys are making. We're going to work real closely with you and real closely with the FLASH organization, to not only have the information that you're putting out there, but each week of that month we will have a spokesperson from your group to talk about what you do and why you're doing it, and do our part to really push this."

"It's gonna' work, it's gonna' really make a difference," Lipford continued. "Even though it's the same information that's been out there for years, hitting it at this time in the month of May will really be effective."

Lipford is also serving as the national spokesperson for the Foundation's new tornado awareness campaign that will debut in early 2010. Part of the messaging will be the importance of having economic safe rooms that also can have multiple uses in homes. "It doesn't have to just remain vacant," Lipford said. "It can be a laundry room, it can be a storage room, it can be a gun safe, it can be a mini 'man cave' and it can be used in other ways than just for safety. The comfort and peace of mind that you have with your family is something we're really looking forward to."

IGCC Panel Details New Green Code and Program

Code Council CEO Rick Weiland led a panel discussion during this morning's Opening Session that updated attendees on the development of the new International Green Construction Code (IGCC). Participants included ICC Board of Directors member Ravi Shah, who is serving as chairman of the Sustainable Building Technology Committee (SBTC) that is developing the first draft of the code; Christopher Green of the American Institute of Architects, who also serves as vice chairman of the SBTC, and Ken Pierson of ASTM International.

"We're in the process of developing the first green code for high performance in commercial buildings," Weiland said. "The work that has preceded us has really set the stage for many of our jurisdictions who now feel that they really need a regulatory framework in the form of a code."

Shah said the SBTC committee members have adopted a slogan while undertaking the large task of developing the first draft of the IGCC. "We continuously ask ourselves these three questions: is this code or this language usable, is it adoptable, and is it enforceable?" he said. "I think the SBTC is committed to have the IGCC draft look and work like other I-Codes. In fact, we are dedicated to making this code integrate with the family of I-Codes. Once that code comes out, you won't be able to tell the difference."

Chat with the Board President and CEO

Code Council Board President Adolf Zubia and CEO Rick Weiland are hosting a Fireside Chat tomorrow at 3:30 pm in Room 305 of the Baltimore Convention Center. Conference delegates are welcome to attend in person. If you plan to do so and have questions, please submit them in advance.

Underwood Signing Copies of "The Green Home"

Norfolk, Virginia, Building Official Lynn Underwood (left) will be signing copies of his new book, "The Green Home, A Decision-Making Guide for Owners and Builders," tomorrow from noon–2 pm at the ICC Bookstore in the Hilton Lobby. "The Green Home" is dedicated to teaching builders and homeowners alike about environmentally friendly residential construction, and explores the latest techniques, materials, processes and green practices that will reduce the environmental impact of the building itself. more>>

ICC Expo Continues Today and Tomorrow

Discover the latest advances in building technology offered by manufacturers, trade associations and related companies exhibiting at the International Code Council Expo, which continues today until 5 pm and tomorrow from 1–6:30 pm in Halls B-D of the Baltimore Convention Center. Also, don't miss the PMG Pavilion, which features companies with the latest products and services for the Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas industries. The Expo Reception will be held tomorrow from 4:30–6:30 pm.

Don't Forget!
Don't forget tomorrow's Annual Business Meeting starting bright and early at 8 am in Ballrooms 1–6 of the Hilton.

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