Global Connections Day

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, 9 am – 5 pm

Join us for Global Connections Day — Water: Safety, Efficiency, and Conservation as experts from around the world convene for an interactive day dedicated to our most precious natural resource. Learn about novel approaches and new technologies that are being employed in the U.S. and internationally to address the water challenges of the global community. Participants will receive CEUs for this Session.

There will be a fee of $25 for lunch.

The Code Council is committed to protecting and ensuring the safety of water supplies and sources throughout the United States and the world. This year, we share this commitment through our water-focused Global Connections Day in conjunction with the US Water Alliance’s “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign. For more information about the campaign, please visit

“Las Vegas’ Wager on Innovation and Sustainable Water Management”

David Johnson,
Deputy General Manager, Engineering and Operations, Southern Nevada Water Authority

“Widening the Lens on Water Safety Oversight”

Girlie Manatad, MD, MPH, CHSP,
Environment of Care Compliance Manager, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Jon Sege,
Environment of Care Compliance Specialist, New York Presbyterian Hospital

“Public Health and Utility Leaders Collaborate to Advance Onsite Water Reuse”

Paula Kehoe,
Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Jay Garland,
Division Director, Office of Research and Development, US EPA

Brian Good,
Chief Administrative Officer, Denver Water

“Addressing Water Scarcity on the Driest Continent on Earth: Lessons Learned in Australia”

Neil Savery,
Chief Executive, Australian Building Codes Board

“Challenges of Smart Connected Devices that Could Drive Sustainability”

Rob Starr,
Strategic Technologies/Toro Company

“A Design Professional’s Guide to Onsite Water Use and Reuse”

Kyle Pickett,
Co-Founder & COO, Urban Fabrick Inc. and Co-Founder & Executive Director, The William J. Worthen Foundation

“RESNET HERS H2O: A New Standard for the Water/Energy Nexus”

Mark Johnson,
ICC EVP & RESNET Board Member

Steve Baden,
Executive Director, RESNET

“A Global Snapshot of Conservation, Efficiency & Rainwater Harvesting programs – multiple approaches to similar problems” — a panel discussion with representatives from North America, Europe and Asia

Hope Medina,
Colorado Code Consulting

Open Panel Discussion on Water Challenges – led by ICC Sustainability Membership Council

“Water Efficiency and Conservation in the California Building Standards Code (Title 24, California Code of Regulations)”

Mia Marvelli,
Executive Director, California Building Standards Commission

Kevin Day,
Staff Services Manager, California Building Standards Commission

Implementation of LID Using Rainwater Harvest/Reuse and Groundwater Recharge in the Los Angeles Basin

Ara Sargsyan, PE, CBO, LEED® AP,
Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building, City of Los Angeles

Lisa Naslund, PE, QSD/P,
Drainage and Grading Section Head, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

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