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President Proclaims May as National Building Safety Month
President Barack Obama has proclaimed May 2014 as National Building Safety Month, declaring it a "time to celebrate the dedicated professionals who keep our buildings secure, and we recommit to maintaining resilient, energy-efficient infrastructure." The president also says in the proclamation, "Joining with building officials, design professionals, scientists, and engineers, we continually develop new guidance and tools for increasing disaster-resistance and meeting building standards. ...From our homes to our high-rises, our museums to our malls, let us work to keep structures sound and up to code." Continue reading story
  ICC Disaster Response Network Supports Communities Damaged by Natural Disasters
Anticipating the needs of jurisdictions for assistance in the aftermath of the deadly tornadoes that struck several states, the Disaster Response Network is active. Jurisdictions can access a database of volunteers to assist with building damage assessment, inspections and other code-related functions. More information is available on the ICC website. Click on the "Disaster Network" tab in the "ICC Important Information" section or call the Disaster Support Hotline at 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), ext. 5238.
Application Periods Open for Code of Honor, Sponsored Scholarships
Code of Honor professional development scholarships help ensure that the International Codes reflect the consensus view of officials at all levels of government by providing funding to Governmental Member Voting Representatives seeking to attend and participate in Public Comment Hearings. The 2014 Code of Honor scholarship application period is open until July 18. Children of code enforcement agency personnel whose jurisdictional authority is an active ICC Governmental Member have the opportunity to apply for five Sponsored Scholarships. The 2014 Sponsored Scholarship application period is open until June 27.
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ICC: Bringing People Together to Address Complex Issues
When the need arises, the International Code Council brings together Members, stakeholders and other technical experts to address complex issues in the construction industry. ICC is planning to do so again this summer by partnering with other organizations to host three events: (1) an industry roundtable to examine safety improvements to combat fires in buildings under construction; (2) a second roundtable that will look at maintaining, versus extending, the current three-year code adoption cycle; and (3) a national summit to examine issues and propose solutions related to education and development of professional code officials.
View the Results from Memphis; cdpACCESS Online Voting Is May 19–30
More than 520 proposed changes were debated during last week's Group C Committee Action Hearings in Memphis, Tenn. View the results. Online voting through cdpACCESS, ICC's new code development tool, will be held May 19–30 on assembly floor motions from the Group C Hearings. The results of the online vote will be included in the Report of the Committee Action Hearing which is scheduled to be posted June 6. Successful assembly motions will result in automatic public comments to be considered at the Public Comment Hearings Oct. 1–5 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Significant Changes to the 2012 IECC
The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) contains the first eave baffle requirements found in the IECC. Although 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) Section R806.3 Vent and Insulation Clearance calls for "a minimum of a 1-inch (25 mm) space . . . Between the insulation and the roof sheathing and at the location of the vent." There is no means specified in the IRC for maintaining this dimension throughout the useful life of the building. The baffle requirement works in conjunction with the IRC to ensure that the required ventilation space will be created and maintained.
Fugate: We Have to Build to the Future
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate urged city and county officials at last month's National Hurricane Conference to factor disaster preparedness and risk into proposals for any new coastal development or post-storm reconstruction. But Fugate also said he wouldn't necessarily discourage building along the country's storm-prone coastline as long as the risks are shouldered by the private sector and not taxpayers. "We have rebuilt all kinds of infrastructure after a storm only to (see it) get washed away in the next storm. Why? Because we keep building to the past. We have to build to the future."
Fire Barriers and Continuity
Section 707 and 707.5 of the 2009 IBC and the 2011 Ohio Building Code state that fire barriers must extend to the underside of the floor or roof sheathing, slab or deck above. Moreover, it appears figure 707.5 in the 2009 IBC Code shows the fire barrier must extend to the underside of the floor or roof sheathing, slab or deck above even if there is a fire-resistance rated floor/ceiling assembly that extends below the elevation of the actual floor, slab or deck above. I am constantly challenged by designers who do not want to tackle the numerous ducts or obstructions at higher elevations. Is anyone else encountering this problem?
March Construction Employment Increased in 38 States
Construction firms added jobs in 38 states over the past 12 months, although job gains leveled off between February and March, according to an analysis April 18 by the Associated General Contractors of America of Labor Department data. Association officials said the ongoing year-over-year gains point to the urgency of revitalizing and initiating programs to encourage workers and graduating students to get construction careers.
Stretch Your Dollars—Buy Before May 31
Effective June 1, there will be a new price schedule for select products. This early notification will allow you to take advantage of 2013 pricing on some popular items such as the 2012 International Codes, and Code and Commentaries. View a complete list of price changes.
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