Keynote Speaker

This year’s Annual Conference features an impressive line-up of keynote and featured speakers.

Members Luncheon | Tuesday, Oct. 22 – The keynote speaker for this year’s Members Luncheon will be Matt Paxton, a top hoarding expert and a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear this renowned specialist share his expertise about a topic that is inextricably linked to building safety, fire prevention and the codes. The International Property Maintenance Code in particular provides requirements for a minimum level of safety and sanitation in existing structures that covers cleanliness, rubbish disposal, rodent infestation and means of egress.

Matt started cleaning out houses after his father and grandparents passed away in the same year. He has focused his career on solving difficult living situations caused by hoarding, and he runs a full-service estate cleanout company called Legacy Navigator.

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Global Connections Day

Katharine E. Morgan, President, ASTM International
“Innovation and Standardization: Jointly Enhancing Safety”

Hiroki Sunohara, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan
“Post-earthquake building damage assessment and new technologies in Japan”

Ali A. Almudhei, Saudi Aramco
“Existing Buildings Risk Indicator (EBRI)©”

Mia Marvelli, Executive Director, California Building Standards
“Developing state regulations not available in an international model code”

PANEL: “Efficient and Effective Building Regulatory Systems to Support Resilient Cities in low and middle-Income Countries”
Moderator: Thomas Moullier, The World Bank

JCBA Delegation, Japan Title to be announced.

PANEL: “Innovation in construction industry: Codes, Standards and enforcement. Barriers and challenges in Mexico”

Evangelina Hirata Nagasako, ONNCCE Director General

Arturo Echeverría Aguilar, AEAEE/ALENER President, and Aislantes Minerales, S.A de C.V., Principal

Eleazar Acuña Cabrera, Vinte Inmobiliaria, Special Projects Manager

Lourdes Salinas, THREE Consultoría Medioambiental, S.A. de C.V., Principal

Chris Birchfield, Global Fireproof Solutions, Inc.
“New High Performance Fire Resistance Coating Applications”